The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue No. 4 - November 2012

A New Board of Directors 
Your Association has a new Board of Directors. Don Karn has taken over as President from Marc Grégoire. Don has a long history of environmental stewardship. Amongst his many credentials, he was the founding President of Action Plein-Air Haute- Gatineau and is currently the co-chair of the Festival d’eau vive de la Haute-Gatineau. The other members of the Board are: Dick Ryan (Vice-President); Marlène Thonnard (Secretary); Lucie Joanis (Treasurer); Denis Nadeau, Francis LeBlanc, and - our newest addition - Paul R. Ouimet, who is also the Association’s webmaster.
Another Successful AGM and New Challenges for the Association
Nearly 90 members attended our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 28. At the meeting, a panel of experts answered many of YOUR questions and concerns about the health of the watershed; issues that the new Board will try to address. Amongst these were: how best to deal with Eurasian milfoil and other invasive species; the growing number of power/wake boats and the problems they pose; what to do about beavers; the need for effective management and inspection of septic systems; the impact of the new shoreline protection rules on how you landscape your property; and the effect that personal habits, such as the use of hand soap in the lake, have on the environment. If you have other concerns, please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Gatineau Valley Lake Associations Reorganize
Our past President, Marc Grégoire, has been named chairman of a working group responsible for developing a new organization that is to represent the approximately 35 lake associations in the region. By combining forces, this new organization should become a very significant environmental advocate. For more details, see the press release issued on 24 September.
Measuring Water Quality: Phosphorus and Periphytons
As part of our watershed monitoring program, we check the transparency of the water on a regular basis and take water samples in accordance with the environment ministry’s voluntary surveillance program (RSVL in French). This year we added four new lakes to our RSVL program: Laverdure, Grant, Profond and Beaudry (Allard).
Your Association has also been a leader in implementing a new protocol to monitor the presence of periphytons in the lake (periphytons combine to form that slippery slime that you see on submerged rocks and are a clear indicator of excessive nutrients in the water).
As the 2012 sampling/testing season has concluded, we would like to thank our volunteers - Paul et Pierrette Dénommé, Dean Ducharme, Gilles Galipeau, Gord Hutchison, Lucie Joanis, Don Karn, Sophie Thonnard-Karn, Joe Parsons, and Dick Ryan - for their excellent work. The 2012 testing results will be published on our website next spring. To find out more about the RSVL protocols and the importance of these tests, visit our website page Water qualityWater quality.
A Hearty Welcome to Our First Watershed Delegates
As is explained in our Vounteers Page, your Association has created a Watershed Delegate Program comprising a team of dedicated volunteers who keep a close eye on our waterways and help us achieve our mission. Since launching this program last Spring, we’ve been fortunate to enlist five excellent “delegates”: John Turnbull and Ted Puttick from Blue Sea, Joe Parsons from Belle Plage, Russ Hall from Orlo, and Bernard Asselin from Chemin de la Ferme. With more volunteers, we will be able to extend this important program to other lakes and bays in the watershed. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join our team.
Action Plan for 2012-13
On Sunday, October 21st, your Board approved a detailed action plan for the current and upcoming year. Key components of this plan are: an extensive water quality monitoring/testing program; an advocacy program focused on the concerns raised at the AGM; and a comprehensive education program, including a Youth Awareness Day and an enhanced information campaign. Check the next issue of Shorelines for more details.   
Study on Lac Laverdure
Earlier this year, your Association - in partnership with the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines - contracted with ABV des 7 to produce a detailed environmental evaluation of Lac Laverdure, a tributary of Blue Sea Lake.
This study was prompted by the results of the 2010 GEIGER Report (See the Report) which found high phosphorous levels in Lac Laverdure. The study has been completed and is currently being reviewed by your Board of Directors. Conclusions and recommendations will be published in the near future.
Fall & Winter Tips
As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, why not consult your Association’s Fall & Winter Tips for some excellent ideas on how to prepare your home or cottage for the winter season in ways that respect our lakes and watershed.
Did you know ???

During the past several years, Blue Sea Lake has been home to a family of bald eagles. This summer, three baby eaglets were spotted in the nest. Many thanks to Dick Ryan for taking this great photo as he glided silently beneath the nest in his kayak.

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