The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue N° 36 - December 2018

We Have Charitable Status!
The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association is now a Canadian Registered Charity! This means that donations to our Association are now eligible for a charitable tax deduction. Thus, all donors having made a contribution of $20 or more will receive a receipt for income tax purposes. This applies to donations made earlier in 2018. The minimum of a $20 donation was set by the Association Board at its October 27th meeting.  Please note that Revenue Canada does not consider annual membership dues as donations.

Charitable tax status is something our members have been requesting for several years.  Donations this year and next will be used to help finance the jute tarp project designed to control the spread of Eurasian milfoil in Blue Sea Lake. The project is explained below.

3601 Bouton donner enThis is a great time to consider making a contribution to the Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association for the 2018 tax year. You can do so online through our website.

or, you can mail your donation, payable to the “Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association”, to the following address:
Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association
70, rue Principale
Messines (Québec)
J0X 2J0

Your receipt for tax purposes will be mailed early in the New Year.

Jute Tarp Project
The scale of the Eurasian Milfoil problem in Blue Sea Lake continues to expand, as can be seen from the following table and the dramatic aerial photo of the milfoil concentration around Blue Sea public dock.
Estimated Eurasian Milfoil Concentrations in Areas Selected for Jute Tarp Project in m2.
3602 Tableau en
3603 Blue Sea quai public
As you will recall, in 2016 we had planned to install jute tarps over three critical infestations of Eurasian milfoil on Blue Sea Lake, but were unable to obtain the necessary government of Quebec permits. The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks rejected the use of the barge and sand-weighting technology we had proposed to weigh down the tarps and insisted on temporary anchors instead. This is a more expensive approach. However, in light of the rapid proliferation of the Milfoil infestation in Blue Sea Lake, we have decided to move ahead with the use of the temporary anchors in these locations in conjunction with the environmental agency ABV des 7, next summer. In addition, tarps will be installed in a fourth location, to cover the infestation around the public dock in Blue Sea. The costs of this project will be shared by the Association and the Municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines.

The project will involve laying biodegradable jute tarps over the milfoil beds in these four locations and monitoring their environmental impact over a four year period. The aim is not to eradicate Eurasian milfoil, which is impossible, but to control its spread. While this is an experimental approach, it is promising. Along with the other measures we are undertaking, including demarcation buoys, the promotion of mandatory boat washing, signage, and public awareness campaigns, we are hoping not only to contain the spread of this invasive species, but to improve the environmental health of the watershed.

Although we will be seeking other sources of funding, we believe we will need to raise a minimum of $25,000 from donations by next June to complete the project. Please consider making a charitable contribution to the Association for this purpose. It is a good way to invest in the protection of your watershed.

Strategic Plan for 2019
The Board of Directors has updated the Strategic Plan for the Association to reflect our new status as a registered charity. To that end, the Association modified its Letters Patent to better define its objectives and meet the requirements of the Canadian Revenue Agency. Consequently, this strategic plan is structured along four main themes corresponding to the objectives set out in the supplementary Letters Patent (French only - for the English translation of key changes, click here). It is intended to be a statement of the objectives proposed by the Council to guide the actions of the Association in the coming years. For a presentation of the updated strategic plan, please click here.

Holiday Greetings
Board members of the Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association would like to extend to our volunteers, members, friends and associates and their families their best wishes for the holidays and the New Year.

3604 Voeux en
At this time of the year, we also want to highlight the efforts of all our volunteers without whom the Association could not survive. It is thanks to them that we can hope to continue to protect and preserve our aquatic environment for future generations. If you wish to join this wonderful team, do not hesitate to express your interest on our website or contact a member of the Board. Happy New Year 2019 to all, a very busy year during which we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Association!

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