The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue 30 - July 2017

3001 AGA 2017 P1070043Annual General Meeting 2017
Many thanks to all those who attended our 9th Annual General Meeting, Saturday July 15th, at the Church in Blue Sea. Following President Francis Leblanc’s report, the following topics were discussed.

Invasive Species Boat Washing Program
2203 AlguesThe Watershed Association congratulates the municipalities of Messines and Blue Sea for passing regulations requiring mandatory boat washing on all lakes in their respective territories. Don Karn gave a presentation at the AGA outlining the salient points of the new ground breaking program which will be operational by July 29th at the latest. All boats, including kayaks, canoes and paddleboards will be required to be washed. The hot water power wash will be free for taxpayers. Non-residents will pay $25. Non-compliant owners will be liable for $300 fines. Please join us for a news conference to launch mandatory boat washing with both mayors Tuesday July 25th at the Blue Sea public dock.

3003 installation juteEurasian Milfoil Control Program
The jute tarp program aimed at controlling the spread of Eurasian Milfoil continues to move forward. We are still on target to have three jute tarps installed by summer’s end in Messines at the public dock and in Blue Sea in front of the wayside stop beach and in front of Raymond Lacroix’s dock. Volunteers welcome! The Ministry of the Environment still considers this an experimental program and as such is not yet prepared to authorize individual cottage kits.

Septic System Service
On July 13th, 2017 the Municipality of Blue Sea completed emptying the 6 septic systems on island properties in its jurisdiction. The Municipality of Messines will begin pumping the 18 island septic systems in its area before the end of the summer. It will have pumping services available every year.

3004 piste 20170716 094601 resizedVéloroute des Draveurs
The Association will continue to monitor the environmental impact of the newly paved Véloroute des Draveurs.  We are pleased that the MRC has hired a biologist to evaluate and to characterize the section of the newly paved bike path that runs along the Blue Sea Lake and Grant Lake shorelines.

Blue Sea Creek Dam
3005 niveau d eau 20170707 100544 resizedThe state and configuration of the Blue Sea Creek dam and its impact on water levels and ultimately on the health of Blue Sea Lake has been earmarked as a priority for the coming year for the Association. This promises to be a complex issue which will involve legal, budgetary, jurisdictional, civil engineering, hydraulic and of course, environmental concerns. The Association has collected monthly water levels of Blue Sea Lake dating from May of 2013. If you have historic objective data previous to May 2013 please let us know.
The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association 9th Board of Directors
3006 Conseil 2017 2018 20170717 065Following the AGA the elected board members met to appoint their executive. See adjacent photo for the new board and executive.

Many thanks to Bernard Asselin (four year board member) and Jean-Claude Jolicoeur (two-year board member) for their dedication to the lake and to the Association. It is reassuring that they both plan to continue as active members and volunteers. Their participation has and will continue to be precious.
From left to right, W. Robert Roe (new Director), Brian Lahey (new Director), Francis LeBlanc (President), Benoît Belisle, Sally Southey, John Turnbull (Treasurer), Don Karn (Vice-President), Robert Duval (Vice-President) and André Beauchemin (Secretary).
While we have lost two Board members, two more have stepped up to the plate. Please welcome Brian Lahey and Rob Roe.

3007 Notes bio Brian Lahey 20170717 065Brian Lahey
Brian Lahey and his family began cottaging on Skeleton Island 23 years ago. Today all four of his daughters also have cottages on the island. Blue Sea is the family’s favorite place on the planet. Brian would like to see boating visitors respect our lake in all aspects and he looks forward to working with the board to accomplish that. He also would like to increase our efforts to stop the uses of lawn and garden fertilizers on the shores of the lake and on the shores of the streams that feed the lake.

Brian and his wife Susan live in Ottawa as do two of their daughters and 7 of their 11 grandchildren. His business background is commercial real estate investments and management.

3008 Notes bio Rob Roe 20170717 065Rob Roe
Rob Roe’s family has been coming to Blue Sea since the 1930’s. Since he was 2 months old, from spring breakup to fall freeze up, Blue Sea has been a major part of his life. The first few years on Skeleton Island and then from 1960 on Big Island.

As a member of the Association's board of directors, Rob hopes to contribute to the continuing environmental education that has already begun. He remembers a time when a weed bed was a just a stand of tall stringy leafy weeds where you could catch bass & perch. He remembers fishing in the spring for lake trout and almost never being disappointed. He also remembers drinking the lake water without any worries.

Rob wants to halt the deterioration of the watershed, address the root causes of the deterioration and allow nature to repair itself.

When work gets in the way of enjoying time with family and friends at the lake, Rob works in Information Technology for a large corporation as an SAP business systems specialist.

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