The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue 20 - April 2015

Association Launches 2015 Membership Campaign

2001 1301 inscriptionThe Association has just launched its 2015 membership campaign. As we have learned over the past several years, we cannot achieve our mission of protecting and preserving the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Creek watersheds without the backing and endorsement of a large number of residents and cottagers.

We wish to thank the nearly 290 members who paid their dues in 2014 for their continued support and invite them to renew their memberships again this year. We also invite all other watershed residents and cottagers to join our Association and thereby help us tackle the many issues of concern to us all.

In December 2014, the Association met with the Mayors of our partner municipalities, Blue Sea and Messines, to discuss a number of ongoing concerns. These included the threats posed by exotic invasive species and by blue-green algae blooms, the need for the proper cleaning and management of septic systems, the status of the Blue Sea Creek dam, the winter ice-fishery, and the need for a boat rinsing program.

We cannot address these and other issues affecting our watersheds without the financial support and active participation of our members. Please take a moment to join or renew your membership in our Association. It costs only $20 per year and it is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the health of our waterways.

How to Renew your Membership or Become a Member.
A renewal form has been mailed to all 2014 members for whom we have an address. To renew your membership, simply complete that form and mail it back to us together with your payment.

2002 1303 formulaireIf you were not a member in 2014, you can find the registration form by clicking the “Registration” tab on our website. Once on the Registration page, you can open a screen-filled PDF form that you can complete on your computer for both yourself and other members of your household.  After completing the form, you can print and/or save it as a file. Please mail us the completed form together with your payment.

Individual registration or membership renewal can also be made on-line and payment made via PayPal. Just click on the “Registration” link on our website and following the instructions.

Thank you, Paul
After having served almost four years as our webmaster and three 2003 0505 Paulyears as a member of our Board of Directors, Paul Ouimet has decided to take a much deserved break from Association activities.  As our webmaster, Paul did an outstanding job setting up, maintaining and constantly enhancing a website that is the envy of other lake associations.  Amongst his many other contributions to the Association, Paul also did a superb job producing our bulletin, providing technical support to our annual membership campaign, translating and editing documents, and advising the Board on a myriad of issues.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Paul.  

Calling for Volunteers!
2004 appel bénévolesOur organization cannot survive without dedicated volunteers.  Because of the importance and the challenge of communicating our message to as broad an audience as possible in both French and English, we need people with communication, language, and computer/social media skills. We also need people who are willing to donate some of their precious time to help us monitor the state of our lakes and to encourage our friends and neighbours to help protect our waterways.

As to specific jobs, we currently need:
  • people to help us maintain and update our website.  As noted in a previous article, our webmaster - Paul Ouimet - has just retired.  If you have good computer skills (e.g.: a solid knowledge of the MS Office software), are familiar with our website, and have a keen interest in our Association, this would be a great way for you to help our cause.  Paul has kindly offered to pass on his knowledge so prior website knowledge/experience is not a prerequisite.  
  • a “desktop publisher” for our bulletin, that is, someone who can handle the technical aspects of producing and issuing Shorelines, using the content provided by our contributors. 
If you would be interested in doing this, please send us a note ASAP.

As we get closer to the summer season, we will also need volunteers to assist with various projects including the weekend distribution of information pamphlets and the polling of “day boaters” at the public ramps.  We will also need people to monitor their sectors of the lake for invasive species, blue-green algae blooms, etc…  If you would like to participate in these types of activities, please let us know.

UQAM Study on Wake Boats
2005 planche nautiqueIn June 2014, the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM) published the first scientific study specifically focused on the effect of wake boats on a lake’s environment.  The study confirmed that the wake generated by these boats can cause serious erosion of the shoreline.  This is a significant problem as such erosion contributes to the inflow of excessive nutrients to the waterway, thereby accelerating the premature aging (i.e.: eutrophication) of a lake.   Based on its findings, the report recommends that a regulation be adopted requiring that such boats not be operated any closer than 300 metres from the shoreline.

To read the entire report (in French only) click here (2.5 MB). To read a translated version of the report’s Executive Summary, Introduction, and Conclusion, click here.

Do Fireworks Harm Our Lakes?
2006 feux artifice aOn December 8th, while walking on the freshly frozen surface of Blue Sea Lake, several of our members were alarmed when they spotted the residue of a cottage fireworks display.

As the picture that they took (right) shows, this residue included significant amounts of charred packaging and chemicals - pollution that goes undetected in the spring, summer and fall as it disappears below the surface of the lake. Because we are not sure to what extent this pyrotechnical ‘fallout’ threatens our waterways, we are currently researching the issue.  

We will let you know what we learn in the near future.  In the interim, why not err on the side of environmental safety and pursue “greener” forms of lakeside entertainment.     

AGM: Mark Your Calendars.
This year, our 7th Annual General Meeting will be held at the Blue Sea church, the morning of Saturday, July 11th.  Details will follow. For now, please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

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