The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue No. 2 - May 2012

Hats Off to Our 192 Members!
Our 2012 membership drive is a great success. As we were preparing to publish these lines, 192 members had already signed up, exceeding in a few months the total membership for 2011. Click here to view the list of members (for privacy reasons, only the names are provided without contact information). Please note that several members have also added a donation to their dues. Thank you!
Word of Mouth... The Digital Way!
Why not invite your neighbours and friends to join the Association? Simply email them the following link: They’ll be able to contribute by downloading the membership form or by paying directly through our PayPal account. All $20-contributions are invested in programs designed to protect and enhance Blue Sea Lake and Stream, as well as the other lakes comprised in the watershed.
Since 2011, to reduce management costs, we provide our members with a permanent membership card that is re-activated upon payment of annual dues.
Did You Know?
The Association logo was created by artist Roger Girard (Rogé), a friend of Blue Sea Lake and recipient of a Governor General of Canada Award. This signature, courtesy of the artist, reflects the life of and love for our blue gem.
We're Recruiting!
Salary $ 0, but satisfaction guaranteed! Sourire Volunteers needed: translators, assistant-webmasters, biologists, boat operators with a valid licence, watershed ambassadors. For more details, click here.
10 Years of Efforts: a Clear Difference!
According to the Quebec ministry of sustainable development, environment and parks (Développement durable, Environnement et Parcs), the exceptional transparency of Blue Sea Lake waters was maintained, and even improved, over the course of the past ten years or so. Clearly remarkable! Needless to say, the precautions taken by our residents and municipalities are closely linked to this success. BUT…
Let’s Keep an Eye Out!
Indeed, even if the water remains clear, the phosphorus levels are still relatively high, which can cause our lake to age prematurely. Phosphorus exists in the environment partly naturally and partly through human activity. Septic systems, cleared shorelines, fertilizer applications, the introduction of non-native invasive plant species (such as the Eurasian water-milfoil) and road runoffs are all sources of water pollution. For the results of transparency measurements taken since 2004, click here.
Come and Get Your Free Trees on May 26!
In conjunction with the Agence Bassin Versant des 7, Association volunteers will distribute free trees in Blue Sea and Messines on Saturday morning, May 26, on a first come, first served basis. Association membership cards will also be available then.
Species available: white spruce, Eastern white pine, red pine, yellow birch, black cherry, bur oak and American white ash.
Mobilizing Youth Today – a Natural Fit for Tomorrow
Under the leadership of the Association, groups of students from Blue Sea, Gracefield and Messines schools will meet at Blue Sea Lake for a fun-filled awareness day on May 31. Workshops, presentations, safe boat outing, etc. Kudos to our future environmental leaders! For more details, click here.
Upcoming Annual General Meeting – July 28
The Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Saturday, July 28, at the Messines municipal hall – a great opportunity to hear presentations by specialists, reconnect with friends and volunteer on the various administrative and operational committees set up by your Association. Mark your calendars now! Click here to access the 2011 AGM proceedings.
Year 2 of the Application of the Provincial Shoreline Protection  By-law
Mowing the lawn within the shoreline area? Adding plants to the littoral zone? Planning a lake access point? Building a dock? Those are a few of the many activities governed by the new by-law. It’s your responsibility to get to know the new requirements. To find out more, click here.

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