The Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association Bulletin
Issue No. 13 - April 2014

2014 Membership Campaign
Help us reach our goal in 2014!
We Need You!
The Association has launched its 2014 membership campaign. Please join our organization or renew your annual membership! The support of a large number of residents and cottagers is essential if our Association is to protect the Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream watersheds and preserve this magnificent natural heritage which we all share.
We wish to thank the nearly 270 members we had last year for their much needed support, and invite them to renew their memberships for 2014. We also invite all other residents and cottagers in the watershed to join our Association and thereby help us tackle the many issues of concern to us all.
In the fall of 2013, a very large blue-green algae bloom appeared on Blue Sea Lake. Earlier in the year, algae blooms were also sighted on two other lakes in the watershed: Edja and Roberge. These incidents demonstrate that our concern about the environmental health of the watershed is not exaggerated. For more information about this issue, please read our November newsletter and visit the page on our website that deals with blue-green algae.
The Association is committed to continuing its efforts to control and eventually stop the degradation of our waterways. It is this commitment that drives the priorities set by the board of directors. We fully realize that preserving our watershed is a long term process and that we all must do more to protect our fragile environment! Becoming a member of the Association costs only $20 per year and is a great way to show your commitment to the future health of our watershed.
How to Renew your Membership or Become a Member
A renewal form was mailed to all 2013 members for whom we had an address. To renew your membership, simply complete that form and mail it back to us together with your payment.
If you were not a member in 2013, you can download the registration form from our web site. As of this year, this is a screen-fillable PDF form that you can complete on your computer, and then print and/or save as a file. Please mail us the completed form together with your payment.
Please note that membership renewal and registration as a new member can be made on-line via Paypal by clicking on the “Registration
link on our web site and following the instructions.
The members of the Board of Directors would like to thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at our 6th Annual General Meeting which will be held on July 26th, 2014 at the Municipal Hall in Messines.
The Association is always looking for volunteers to help with its many activities. We need volunteers to assist with: water quality monitoring, the installation of buoys, the monitoring of waterways, environmental research, website support, French and English translation, text revision, information and membership campaigns, and various administrative tasks. You can indicate your interest and availability by either advising one of our directors or by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on how volunteers can make a real and important contribution to protecting our watershed, please click here.
The Youth Project
One of the Association’s strategic objectives is to raise awareness regarding the importance of protecting the local environment. The purpose of the youth project is to increase this awareness among young people.
This year’s project began with the Association purchasing teaching guides for local educators to help them organize “green” activities for Blue Sea and Messines primary school students in the second and third cycles (i.e.: grades three thru six).
Marlène Thonnard, the initiator of this wonderful project, reports that students in Messines (see picture opposite) worked like “pros” throughout March to better understand the issues facing our waterways. During the two afternoons she spent at their school, Marlène received valuable collaboration from the two grades 4, 5, and 6 teachers. Many of the students prepared and presented papers on animals inhabiting our wetlands. They also learned what a "watershed" is and how to identify on a map the lakes and streams that feed into Blue Sea Lake.
If possible, other such activities may be held in May. The project will conclude on June 19th, when the students participate in a bike ride along the path bordering Blue Sea Lake. The Association’s "Eco-cycle" will be featured on this ride. The excursion will also include a fun "rally quiz" focusing on ways to protect our waterways. This quiz will give the teachers an idea of how well the students have absorbed the material covered by the study guide activities. The Association would like to thank the teachers at both schools for their support and assistance; without their collaboration this project would not have been possible.
Springtime Tips – a Reminder
With the arrival of spring flowers and warmer temperatures, many of us start to prepare our cottages and residences for summertime activities. As we perform this annual ritual, let’s remember that spring cleaning in the country brings with it extra environmental challenges and concerns as well as opportunities to become more responsible stewards of our environment. For some “green” springtime tips, please click here.

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