Events and Activities of 2019



Entete bulletinDecember 9th – Publication of the 40th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


Entete bulletinSeptember 7th – Publication of the 39th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


July 20th – Élection of New Members to the Board of Directors

Ghislaine Turnbull and David Maclaren are the newly elected members of the Board of Directors for 2019-2020. Our Board is thus formed as follows: Francis LeBlanc, President; Paul R. Ouimet, Vice President; André Beauchemin, Secretary; Ghislaine Turnbull, Treasurer; and, directors Guy Gauvreau, Donald Karn, Brian Lahey and Dave Maclaren. For their contact information, please click here.

Conseil 2019 2020 P1070843From left to right: Don Karn, Dave Maclaren, Brian Lahey, Ghislaine Turnbull (Treasurer), André Beauchemin (Secretary), Guy Gauvreau, Francis LeBlanc (President) and Paul R. Ouimet (Vice-President)

July 20th – Annual General Meeting

The Association held its 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, July 20th from 10 am to 12:30 at the Blue Sea Church.

AGA 2019 Membres 400 DSC 0011


  • AGA 2019 John Turnbull 125 DSC 0023John Turnbull makes his last report to the AGM as Treasurer; he does not renew his mandate as Director. His great contribution to the efforts leading to the recognition of the Association’s charity status is underlined. Thank you John.
  • Participants are reminded that the charity status allows the Association to issue tax receipts for donations of 20 $ or more.
  • The President underlines the importance of the issue of Eurasian milfoil control for the Association and provides an update of the progress of the jute tarp installation project covering a little more than 18 000 m2 of mono-specific stands of this invasive plant. The project could be carried out at the end of August or beginning of September but the financing remains to be finalized, subject to the approval of the requested grant.
  • Participants highlighted some technical issues regarding the installation of the jute tarp:
    • installation in the spring might be preferable because the biomass is less important and the plants are not as fragile, hence the lesser risk of fragmentation;
    • the difficulty of installing the fabric where the removable docks are standing.
  • The yellow buoys program continues; 162 were installed this year, along with 13 large information buoys. Unfortunately, it is observed that too many boaters still do not take them into account.
  • AGA 2019 Quatre presidents 200 DSC 0065 2The boat washing program is doing well; according to the information obtained from municipalities, the number of washings is still growing.
  • The 10 years of activities of the Association are highlighted by a brief overview of the activities; past Presidents Marc Grégoire, Don Karn and Dick Ryan are present.

For the documentation made available at the meeting, please click here.


Entete bulletinJuly 9th – Publication of the 38th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


June 1st - Tree Distribution

image2 250In order to reforest the shoreline and protect our lakes, the Association distributed free Saturday, June 1st, different tree species from the MRC, in partnership with the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines.

In Blue Sea, the envent ended shortly before 10:30 AM, with the entire stock having been distributed to visitors happy to have availed IMG 0582 350themselves of the offer. To be noted, the presence of Mr. Robert Bussière, Member of Parliament for Gatineau at the National Assembly, his press secretary Mark Roveda, Mayor Laurent Fortin and Councillor Gérard Lacaille.

Similar results in Messines where almost all the trees had been distributed at 10:30, again to the many pleased visitors. Many of them displayed sensitivity to the importance of reforestation given the impact of this gesture on the quality of the air. It should also be noted that several people would have preferred to be offered more leafy trees. Also worth noting is the suggestion of having a more user-friendly site next time, such as the parking that serves the bike path.

Many thanks to Don Karn, Vice-President, and Guy Gauvreau, Director of the Association, managing the Blue Sea distribution, and former directors, Jean-Claude Jolicoeur and Pierre Boissonneault, doing so in Messines.


Entete bulletinMay 24th – Publication of the 37th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


April 10th – Recruitment Campaign

The postal membership recruitment and renewal campaign was launched on April 10th by sending just under 900 letters to members of the Association (more than 400 in 2018), as well as to riparian owners of the watershed. Registration as a new member or renewal of membership is possible by returning the registration form received by mail or by registering online.

March 30th - Board of Directors Meeting


  • Follow-up of requests for financial assistance to municipalities;
  • Adoption of the Association's strategic plan for 2019;
  • Status of funding for the burlap installation project that will require $ 24,000 in external financing.

Work in Progress:

  • Search for external financing for the burlap installation project;
  • Preparation of a newsletter;
  • Follow-up of the creation of lake protection groups according to the terms of article 3.2 of the general regulations.

March 29th - Tripartite Meeting

The elected representatives and officers of both municipalities and those of the Association (Vice-President Donald Karn and Treasurer John Turnbull accompanied President Francis LeBlanc) met in a tripartite meeting held periodically to take stock of the common interest issues and to ensure the coordination and follow-up of the actions deriving therefrom. Highlights of this meeting:

  • Detailed report of municipal boat washing operations and the role of the Association in promoting and supporting the program;
  • Progress and constraints of the burlap installation project to fight the milfoil;
  • Proposed signage explaining the meaning of yellow buoys;
  • Measures for the monitoring and control of the Blue Sea Lake water level;
  • The Association's concerns with fireworks on and around lakes and streams;
  • Status of the ice fishing issue;
  • Progress of the septice tanks emptying program on the islands in Messines;
  • Issue of lakeshore revegetation.