Events and Activities of 2017



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3106 Station Messines P1070238July 29th - Launching of the Boat Washing Program

On July 29th, the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines officially launched the first mandatory boat washing program for the Blue Sea Lake Watershed. All motorized and non-motorized watercraft entering these lakes were obliged to be washed by their owners at stations set up by each municipality for this purpose. Please click here for more information.



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July 15th - Annual General Meeting

AGA 2017 P1070043The Association held its 9th annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday, July 15th, 10 AM to noon at the Blue Sea Church. Among other items on the agenda, an update on the establishment of a boat washing program was provided. It was pointed out that the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines each had passed a by-law making boat washing mandatory; these by-laws were to come into effect on July 29th. Members applauded the news.

As part of the questions and comments period, participants have also applauded in learning that the emptying of septic tanks of the islands in Blue Sea was completed successfully the previous week while the operation was planned in the following weeks for the islands in Messines.

There were five vacancies on the Board of Directors. Francis LeBlanc, John Turnbull and André Beauchemin agreed to renew their mandate. W. Robert Roe and Brian Lahey are the two new directors. To access the agenda, the minutes to the 2016 AGM, the President's report, and the financial statements, please click here.


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