Events and Activities of 2016


July 23rd – Annual General Meeting

Our 8th Annual General Meeting took place in the morning at the Municipal Hall in Messines. At the, a tribute was paid to Dick Ryan who retired from the Board after contributing since the early days of the Association in 2009.


Entete bulletinJuly 12th – Publication of the 26th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines



Entete bulletinJune 13th – Publication of the 25th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


May 28th – Tree Distribution

With the aim of vegetating our shorelines and protecting our lakes, the Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association, in partnership with the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines, each year distributes free of charge seedlings from a number of different trees made available courtesy of the Gatineau Valley MRC. This year's  distribution took place from 9 to 11 AMin front of the Municipal Hall in Messines and in front of the Presbytère de Blue Sea. Among the seedlings available were spruce, white and red pine, larch, maple, yellow birch, oak, and black cherry.


Entete bulletinMarch 24th – Publication of the 24th Issue of the Newsletter Shorelines


March - Update on Eurasian Milfoil Jute Tarp Project

projet myriophyle aAreas in Blue Sea sector - The municipality of Blue Sea has approved an expenditure of $8,000 for the installation of jute tarps over two high boat traffic areas in the municipal sector of Blue Sea Lake: one opposite the “halte routière”, the other in front of Raymond Lacroix's gas station. Provincial approval for these two installations and for the use of small jute tarp "cottage kits" by lake residents who wish to cover milfoil in front their property has been requested. We are awaiting provincial approval to proceed with contractual arrangements for the mechanical installation of the tarps over the above noted areas and for the provision of "cottage kits" for the residents.

Jute Tarp Cottage Kits - For the information of those shoreline residents who would like to cover a strip of Eurasian milfoil near their beach or dock, each cottage kit will include a 3.8 m X 10 m piece of jute tarp, plus bags for sand and instructions for use. It is currently estimated that, as an introductory offer, each kit will cost about $150 this year (2016). The sale of these kits will be coordinated and tightly controlled by the Blue Sea Lake Watershed Association as the kits can only be used to cover the monospecific Eurasian Milfoil beds identified in the ABV des 7 survey conducted in August 2015

projet myriophyle b"Mechanical Option" - Residents/cottagers interested in having jute tarps installed over large Eurasian milfoil beds near their shoreline may be able to contract to have this done mechanically (i.e.: using a purpose-built barge). The cost of doing this will be approximately $2 per sq metre (plus taxes). However, due to the cost of transporting and using the barge, this option will only be available if:

  • the minimum average area of each bed to be covered is 1,000 sq metres, and
  • these areas are treated when the barge is already on the lake.