General Information

MyriophylleEurasian Milfoil

The website of Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program includes an interesting article on Eurasian water-milfoil - an aggressive, submerged aquatic plant that is now one of the most widely distributed invasive aquatic plants on the continent. To view the article, click here.


block aid systeme 90Control of Eurasian Milfoil – Block-Aid System

Burlap cloth can be used to cover areas infested with Eurasian Milfoil. The burlap cloth will kill off the milfoil and its roots by compressing the weak plant on the lake bottom while allowing the stronger indigenous plants to grow through. The Block-Aid system provides a solution for an easier installation of burlap cloth. For more information, click here.


Algues bleu vert petitBlue-green Algae

Blue-green algae are microorganisms that have existed for over three billion years. Under certain conditions, they can reproduce quickly and form "algal blooms". These blooms produce toxins that can be harmful to human and animal health. To learn more about this environmental threat and what you should do if you encounter it, click here.


PlanteAqua01 petiteAquatic Plants in Blue Sea Lake

Several residents of Blue Sea Lake have expressed concern regarding the presence of increasingly large beds of aquatic plants along the shoreline. For information regarding these plants and how to limit their proliferation, please click here.


7032 1 bathing 2Bathing in the Lake – Make the Right Choice

One of the issues raised at the 2012 AGM was whether bathing in a lake adversely affects its health. To find out, please click here.



FosseSeptique fr(1)Operation of a Septic System

To learn how a septic system works and what one must do to properly operate and maintain such a system, please click here to access a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) fact sheet on this very important subject.


PeuplierHybridesImage petit frHybrid Poplars in Riparian Areas

This document explains the many advantages of planting hybrid poplars along the banks of rivers and streams that are impacted by agricultural or other land use. To view the document, click here.


FireSmart en petitReducing the Hazards of Wildfire

The FireSmart Home Owners Manual, published by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, provides information and ideas on how to reduce your risk in the event of a wildfire - a real danger in wilderness/urban "interface" areas such as the Blue Sea Lake watershed. To view the document, click here.


Impact of Roadway Runoff

Three articles describing the results of studies on the impact of roadway runoff on the environment. For more details and access to the documents, click here.