Boaters Information

bateau petitSafe, Courteous, and "Green" Boating

Recreational boating is a very popular activity amongst watershed residents and cottagers alike. To get the most out of this activity while at the same time minimizing its potentially negative impact on our friends, neighbours, and environment, we urge you to follow the guidelines outlined in the brochure prepared by the Association.

For a summary of the guidelines, see the article prepared for the 2013 season. »»»»


Vie sur eauLife on the Water

The document "La vie sur l'eau" (in French only) explains the impact of motorized recreational boating on the environment and our neighbours, and suggests possible solutions to polluting practices and dangerous behaviours.To access this document, click here.

An interesting article found in the "Cottage Life" website describes 5 ways to be a greener boater; to view the article, click here. (The refenced page no longer exists.  2017-11-29)


UQAM Study on wake boats

2005 planche nautiqueIn June 2014, the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM) published the first scientific study specifically focused on the effect of wake boats on a lake's environment. The study confirmed that the wake generated by these boats can cause serious erosion of the shoreline. This is a significant problem as such erosion contributes to the inflow of excessive nutrients to the waterway, thereby accelerating the premature aging (i.e.: eutrophication) of a lake. Based on its findings, the report recommends that a regulation be adopted requiring that such boats not be operated any closer than 300 metres from the shoreline.

To read the entire report (in French only) click here (2.5 MB). To read a translated version of the report's Executive Summary, Introduction, and Conclusion, click here.